Hey Superstar, it’s ya girl Ettie Jayne – Your Self Love & Feel Good Coach, Mentor & Relationship WingWoman

Let’s Release Your Inner Magic, 



A Sneak peek into

the things we can do together

We're talking all things...

Love, Self Love, Self Care, Dating, Relationships, Empowerment and Badassery!


Group Coaching

Women are better, when we do it together!

Empower others, and in the process, lift your own vibrations with your fellow Queen’s, Mermaids, Warrior’s and Unicorns. 

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Ready to release your inner magic, step into your own power and quit the daily funk? – HELL YES you are, right?!

It’s time. 

 Laser Coaching 

Already set a goal, but need some accountability? 

How does a full year of unlimited laser coaching sessions sound?! – Good right?!

What I Do,

Mentoring, Coaching, Accountability, Wingwomanship, Support and Badassery…

I help women bust through their own self doubts and limiting beliefs, empower them to be the confident, strong, creative, beautiful Goddesses that they are, and set them up for a life full of love.

I have been stuck in an area in life and started to get really frustrated not knowing how to change this. Ettie asked the right questions to help me find a solution inside myself, and to re-frame my motivation and look at the “situation” with a new lens. I left with a bunch of new insights and action steps to practically take, to get out of old patterns and get where I want to be in the future. I did not know how powerful only one coaching session could be. I really appreciate the help I got.


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